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The simple life of Karin E.

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Photography has always been an integral part of my life, and it is linked to any other of my activities.

Photography is very powerful. If you want to change something in this world or in the mind of people, you have to speak directly to their mind and heart. But most often, you cannot do this by the means of words. It is hard to evoke a true feeling by using only your intellectual brain to interpret phrases and words: it's a lot easier to do this more directly. By using pictures everybody understands, no matter which culture, language or background the others have. Without any desire to show off, I would call myself sort of an adventurer. For me, this means I try to gain first-hand experiences off the beaten track. Some of them can be very intense and make you feel living right now, right here, right at this moment - like mountaineering or climbing. In this very life I have right now, I have some great chances not everybody has. I can travel other countries, climb mountains, ride my bikes, practice the religion I want and do things others can only dream of. And so I want to give back as much as possible, and share my experience with others. I don't want anybody to be jealous.

I just want to show you the world as it is - and there is a lot of perfection we don't understand and a lot of beauty we can't fully realize. And maybe I can point out that we're destroying this beautiful planet more and more. I would like to help change the mind of people by using photography as a medium. As a Buddhist, trying to make the world better is part of my daily practice. Maybe I can change the attitude of some people to topics like climate change or the importance of an intact nature. Or maybe I can at least make somebody a little happier when providing some nice photographs. Anything that works is good enough for me.

A short bio sketch

* born 1983 in the small Austrian town Waidhofen/Ybbs, Lower Austria

* Dr. techn. from the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) 2016

* Dipl.-Ing. from the University of Applied Sciences Linz, Biomedical Engineering, 2012

* Mag. phil. from the University of Vienna (Universit├Ąt Wien), Scandinavian and German Literature and Languages, 2007

* research associate at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 2011-2012

* research associate at Boston University 2015-2016

* research associate at the University of Applied Sciences Linz 2012 - 2017

and something you probably won't find in my professional bio

* mother of two

* I love sports, cycling, mountaineering, climbing, archery, literature, motorcycles and my 1964 1/2 Mustang

* Buddhist in the Tibetan Gelug tradition

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